Don’t Lead that Cheer

OK – who else out there thinks things have gone way too far?  This morning on Good Morning America, I heard about the people who were punished for cheering for their children at High School Graduation ceremonies.  Handcuffed.  Diplomas withheld until 20 hours of community service is performed.  Wow!  Seriously?  Who thinks this is a good thing?

I remember being over the moon thrilled when our kids graduated!  We made sure to give a big cheer when our Amanda graduated from Grad School a couple of weeks ago.  Boy, am I glad the PC Police weren’t in Washington DC that day!

Cheering is now criminal behavior.  It “isn’t fair to the other graduates” when your loved ones celebrate your victory.  Administrators actually think that it is proper to send us for ‘re-education’ of some sort for feeling pride and joy in our children’s accomplishments?  What planet are these people from?

I think it is a crime that parents who work and pray and help their children get through the mine field that is High School can’t even show their joy when that moment finally arrives.  No one has the right to decide how much joy we are ‘allowed’ to show at that magic moment.  Were those administrators there late at night when we helped our kids with their homework, held them when they cried about bullies, drove them to tutors, spent the money on the fund raisers, sat through parent/teacher meetings and went home with our ‘to do’ list to help our kids get through those 4 years?

I call this bullying.  Pure and simple.  I am offended to think this is happening.  And Thank You, Sam Champion, of Good Morning America for saying it best: Graduation is for the kids and families, not for you!


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