Channeling Sally Field

I know you all remember Sally Field when she won an Oscar.  If not, keep reading anyway…

She was so thrilled to win (who wouldn’t be?) and she said “You like me!  You really like me!” in a way that instantly became fodder for the late night comedians.  I know how Sally felt.

I feel that way every time someone reads one of my blog entries or articles, and comments on it.  I feel that way every time I hear that an article has been picked up by a major publication. I hear Sally’s voice whispering in my ear when I find out someone has forwarded the link to my blog to a friend.  I jump for joy when I get an email telling me someone else is following me on Twitter.

I’ve never learned how to be joyful gracefully, I guess.  I still feel like I could jump over the moon when someone takes the time to read something I write.  And I could wrestle 100 alligators when they let me know.  I tend to be more like Eeyore, I keep thinking “Thanks for noticing me”.  But when someone likes my work, I’m just so darn surprised and happy.  It’s such a rush to do something you like, and find out other people ‘get’ you!  Who knew…?

Just wanted to add one more thing:  “You like me!  You really like me!”

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One Response to Channeling Sally Field

  1. Yes we do, dear. I love Sally Field, too 🙂 WRITE ON!

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