A Letter for Nora

I will miss Nora Ephron. I loved her wit. I loved her view of the world. Even when I couldn’t connect with some of her experiences, I loved how she shared them with the world. Her humor had bite, but it also had heart. She allowed us to laugh at ourselves without feeling scorned.

When we sat sleepless in Seattle, or Skokie, or Springfield, we hoped for the magic Nora had shown us. We all wished we had the courage to imitate Meg Ryan’s ‘special’ moment while eating lunch with a friend. Hearing a chime on our computer rang a bell in our memories about the first time we watched “You’ve Got Mail”. So many memories, staged perfectly by Nora’s impeccable vision.

This is my farewell letter to Nora Ephron. I hope when I push the “Publish” button, she will hear the chime in Heaven. I will wear a scarf today, smiling because Nora showed me I’m not the only woman who hates her neck. I will pause and enjoy every Nora moment. Because Nora was a blessing to us all. She didn’t deify women nor vilify men. She just made us smile at the flawed and confusing beings we truly are.


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4 Responses to A Letter for Nora

  1. What a lovely letter. I love all those movies! WRITE ON!

  2. marciebrock says:

    As I watched all the tributes to her the last couple of days, I really had a sense that she was enjoying them. I never got that before when someone passed on – they were just gone. With Nora, though, I could see her energy still here, still sharing the joy. Thanks for a lovely tribute, Sandi!

  3. Sandi Tuttle says:

    Thank you! High praise! She was so awesome! Spoke like a real person and made us laugh at our own quirks – especially when we found out we ALL have them!

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