Collecting Pandora Beads

I love jewelry. OK, I like shiny things in general. My daughter says I’m like a crow; if I see something shiny, I have to at least touch it. Shiny, colorful, glittering things make me smile. Caw.

When I was a girl, the big thing was charm bracelets. You had to have a charm bracelet. Even moms had charm bracelets. They made sense to me, because the charms are little shapes that mean something; an ice skater, a birthday cake, a key, a diploma. You can get the meaning of the charms, and follow the path of the wearer’s life by looking at what is hanging on her wrist.

Pandora bracelets are, I guess, supposed to be the Charm Bracelet of the New Millennium. I think they are pretty, but I don’t really ‘get’ them. I love the beads, but I don’t know What They Mean. Are the big ones with all the colored stripes supposed to represent milestones like Graduation, First Car, MBA, First House, etc? Are the spacers supposed to be just years you spent reaching the next bead moment? And what happens if all your special beads are blue, and most of your wardrobe is red, because someone ‘did’ your colors and told you to only wear Summer colors (or whatever the rules are for that)? How does your Pandora tell your story?

If Pandora bracelets are like charm bracelets, then how would the past month look on my wrist?  What would the beads tell me?

The big, shiny colorful striped ones would be all the special people I met. The colors would represent their energy and warmth. The chunky silver ones would be the nuggets of precious advice and information they shared with me. The sparkly ones would be the encouraging words they kindly sent me. The spacers would be the hours I spent reading their work, and admiring their skills. The clasp stands for the commitments I have already made to keep in touch, sign on for new work, books I have purchased and plans made to learn as much from them as they are willing to share with me.

I have already signed up for one group, and will sign up again once the list is available for December. I will have my new website up in 2 weeks, and all my entries from the challenge will be there for the world to see. I have pulled the links for the information I need to start my own book outline, information generously shared by my ‘bead’ buddies.

I have, in a way, bought my next Pandora starter cord. It’s just waiting for me to add that first bead.

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6 Responses to Collecting Pandora Beads

  1. Melissa says:

    Oooh, I’m a bead! lol. I loved the way you described the challenge as a charm bracelet. (for what it’s worth, I don’t understand the Pandora beads either… much preferred my charm bracelet)

    • Sandi Tuttle says:

      Yes you are! A lovely shiny one with colors and texture! Thank you! I still have my charm bracelet. Maybe I’ll start adding to it, just to be perverse – or maybe Fashion Forward? 🙂

  2. Rebecca Fyfe says:

    I love the analogy. 🙂

    Two of my daughters have Pandora charm bracelets. I know I had toruble finding ones with meaning to them to buy for them, but I decided maybe it was just that the stores near me didn’t carry much variety in beads.

  3. Sandi Tuttle says:

    Thank you! I don’t know – frankly, I keep trying to ‘see’ the difference, and I can’t. I’m just glad my daughters aren’t into them. Yet. then again, they are going to be 28, so maybe I dodged that bullet…

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  5. Hi sandi, great article but i’d have to agree. I believe Pandora is one of the most amazing Jewellery around at the moment. They are all so beautiful and they have so many different designs for everyone. My mother back when she was a girl had charm bracelets and it was covered in different charms that to me didnt mean anything but to my mother it had so many memories. Pandora do offer lots of different charms that can mean a number of different things to you. I work in a jewellers in the UK and every single time someone buys a charm there is always a back story to it.

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