Typing as Fast as I Can (UBC – Day 2)

Deadlines suck. Ok, I got that out of my system.

I can’t really complain. The deadlines I’m rushing towards at Mach 10 are largely self-imposed. I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I also set the release date for my new website, An Average Woman in a Superwoman World for this Wednesday. (Ooops!) Of course, I set the release date before I decided to join the challenge. I guess this comes under the broad Floyd category of “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”…

Photo from dreamstime.comSeriously – you don’t know what you can do until you try. I learned a ton of stuff today from my Hallowed Web Designer, Carol Harkins. I drove her more than slightly crazy on the phone, but she didn’t bang the phone on the desk or anything, probably because that behavior breaks cell phones. (Some things are lost with technology… remind me to tell you about the time I shut the phone handset in a desk drawer and slammed it a few times …) She hung in there with me, until I got with the program, and hit the ground running. Then she heaved a sigh of relief and left me to it.

Re-sizing photos, building a Gallery to showcase my wraps and tee shirts and tunics. Remembering my HTML from back in the day when I did that for a living (and dinosaurs roamed the Earth), thinking on the fly and taking an occasional break to walk the dogs and abuse my Keurig coffee maker yet again.

If I Have Wings Tee ShirtLearning to fly, but I ain’t got wings. Oh wait! That’s wrong! I do have wings. I’ve got the tee shirt to prove it.

I think a better line from a song would be: “I’m back … I’m back in the saddle again …”!

Sandi Tuttle is the host of the Blog Talk Radio show “An Average Woman in a Superwoman World” (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sandi-tuttle).


About homebadger

I own and operate HomeBadger Creations, Inc., maker of hand made wraps, shawls, ponchos, scarves and tunics for women of all ages. Custom orders are always welcome!
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5 Responses to Typing as Fast as I Can (UBC – Day 2)

  1. You’re so funny and I wish I had your way with words. (Not that I don’t have a sense of humor but sometimes I’m the only one who “gets” it. LOL.) But seriously, working with you on your website was a breath of fresh air. Most people don’t have your level of basic understanding. I’m looking forward to going “live” with your site!

  2. Sunfire says:

    I am looking forward to a day when I re-launch my website. I miss playing with HTML, and I’m excited to learn CSS and whatever else new web development stuff is out there (hence the degree I am chasing)… I believe in you – you can do it!

    • homebadger says:

      Thanx! That makes one of us so far… 🙂 I’m lucky – Carol is a wiz, and it will be great because of her! You can do it, too! Just one foot in front of the other…

  3. I can’t wait to see your new site. WRITE ON!

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