Frozen Tush Syndrome (UBC – Day 3)

There is a secret in the blogging community. Something that long time writers have kept to themselves for millennia. Something that sneaks up on you, catching you at exactly the wrong time. Something so powerful, so shattering, so intrusive that it can break the concentration of SuperBlogger.

Wait for it…

Cartoon from dreamstime.comYes, it is Frozen Tush Syndrome. If you are a writer, if you have joined a blog challenge, or if you are addicted to “Words with Friends” on your home computer, you know what I’m talking about. That numbness that starts around the small of your back, and slowly turns your nether regions into stone, or wood, or calcified Silly Putty.

As far as I know, there is no true ‘cure’. No magic potion. I think it is what you call an ‘occupational hazard’. Kind of like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – but I haven’t heard of anyone having to wear a cast or a sling on their backside to alleviate the strain.

Photo from dreamstime.comThe only answer, the only way to combat this dread condition, is to get up, walk out of the room, and go do something Else for a while.

Your rolly chair, and the computer, will be waiting when you are ready to write again.

Sandi Tuttle is the host of the Blog Talk Radio show “An Average Woman in a Superwoman World” (


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16 Responses to Frozen Tush Syndrome (UBC – Day 3)

  1. Zen says:

    Sadly, I think I’m all too familiar with this syndrome. It doesn’t help that all my time at work is spent glued to a chair too!

    • Sandi Tuttle says:

      Yes. I remember those days. That’s why I was so excited when they came out with butt lifting sneakers… too bad they don’t work!

  2. We can probably all relate to this syndrome. Walking around is the only remedy, I think. Probably we authors feel like we have to write down our thoughts while we have them, so it’s a necessary work hazard.

  3. shawn says:

    Can we start a club? Hi, I’m Shawn with FTS and you all say hi back to me. Either that or I have to go do my laundry.

  4. Too funny…but I sit Yoga style most of the morning – numb all the way to toes most days!

  5. @jbledsoejr says:

    Nice post! I was working in Starbucks one time and a lady kept telling me to get up and stretch. She literally told me “you have been sitting down for XX minutes, and have not gotten up.” I had no idea! Then she said “I am here all night, and I will continue to bug you every 30 minutes until you get up.” LOL I eventually got up, and felt much better. We had a conversation, connected, exchanged info, and are now FB friends so it worked out. 🙂

    But like your point, we need to get up off our behinds and move periodically. I read on someone’s blog (I think Michael Hyatt), that we should work in 50 minute shifts, then take a 10 minute break. I sometimes use the timers/alarms on phone.

    thanks for sharing this much needed post…especially during a blog challenge! 🙂

  6. Hmm I hadn’t heard of it with that title!! I know that I promote getting up and doing some exercise often during the day… I even have a series of exercises at the desk on my blog… getting up and moving around is one of the best!! I will remind those who still have it, what they have!! Hmm they might not even know it yet!! LOL

  7. Lily Dagdag says:

    I definitely have experienced Frozen Tush Syndrome. Recently I promised myself that I would take a break every 30 mins (even if it is just to look at something other than the computer) but that only lasted for a couple of hours.

  8. Sara says:

    Thank you for revealing this affliction. Far too many have suffered in silence far too long. *LOL*

  9. I’ve been suffering from FTS for years. And right now it is really driving me insane because I can’t get out and enjoy a nice, long walk. It’s flesh-melting hot outside!! I am glad that I don’t have to suffer alone, though.

  10. Loralee says:

    aah yes! this is as good a time as any to get up & move around! I’ll go do that now! ~ Loralee

  11. I’ll send my husband over to your house. He reminds me to get up and move every so often. (He’s one of these people that can’t stop moving, and I think he is scientifically amazed at how long I can stay in one place.) I get “frozen back syndrome” because I will lie down with my laptop and then I get frozen into place. ROFLNAD! (rolling on the floor needing a Depends).

  12. Yes! FTS! Also attained on long road trips from sitting in the car too long! I recommend to my clients (exhausted professionals), when you do get up, stretch like a child would, in every direction, arms out. Observe your local small child for details. Repeat. Sandi, thanks for calling out this seldom-aired issue!

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