Sparklers and Fireflies (UBC – Day 4)

I wanted to come up with some profound thought about Independence Day. After 57 of them, I’m just starting to understand just how amazing our forefathers were, and just how huge a task they set for themselves, and for us.

But being profound doesn’t come easily at 6am, and I’m usually not that cool anyway…

Photo from dreamstime.comWhat did come to mind were sparklers and fireflies. The best memories of July 4th from many years ago. Hot nights when we were allowed to stay out After Dark! Sparklers that the adults would light for us – we would save them until it was full night, and then write our names in the black sky. Chasing each other around the yard, the grownups sitting in lawn chairs, laughing and talking. Getting jars and seeing who could catch the most fireflies. Trying to put another one in, without letting the others out.  One of the dads would take a nail and hammer and poke holes in the tops of the jars so the bugs could breathe. “Do bugs breathe like us, Daddy?” And then a mad game of Tag, following the lights from jars around the yard…

Happy Independence Day to all!

Picture from dreamstime.comSandi Tuttle is the host of the Blog Talk Radio show “An Average Woman in a Superwoman World” (


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2 Responses to Sparklers and Fireflies (UBC – Day 4)

  1. Sandi, thanks for reminding me about fireflies. I experienced them once, somewhere in my youth, and I was in awe of their magic. It’s good to think of Nature’s magic. Happy 4th to you!

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