June Episodes of The Average Superwoman Show

summertimeEverybody’s thinking Summer! June is the month for weddings, no more school, vacations, and Father’s Day. The time of year when we all take time to play, and maybe time to think about who we are, where we are going, what we want to do.

If you want to be heard, if you think you have a book inside you, this month is a great month for you on The Average Superwoman Show. It’s Indie Author month, and I am bringing you some amazing people who have found a way to get their message out.

radio show imagesMonday, June 3 – 11AM EST – Family Wisdom from Sweta Patel

Sweta Patel is a national speaker, personal coach, and 3x author on relationships, she has spent the last few years speaking to many different audiences, different age groups, including campus audiences. Her “Watch Out” Books carry a message to mothers, fathers and daughters today. Since June 16th is Father’s Day, I chose to read “Watch Out Dads” – and I was impressed by her strong, no-nonsense commentary. I am excited to have her as my guest as a young woman who has found a way to work through her own life problems and share her life lessons, in the hope that her voice will help other families grow.

confused_womanMonday, June 10 – 11AM EST – Selling in a Skirt

Judy Hoberman is a true entrepreneur at heart with experience both in the self-employed and corporate arenas. She is going to share some of the secrets from her book, “Selling in a Skirt” –  a method, a philosophy and a way of life for the next generation of successful salesmen and saleswomen. But there’s more! As someone whose passion is to help women use their gender-based talents, she is going to be starting a new venture guaranteed to resonate with everyone out there who has a voice longing to be heard!

magic bookMonday, June 17 – 11AM EST – One Smart Lady

Deborah Wilson Smart is, indeed, One Smart Lady. As the head of One Smart Lady Productions and Gladstone Publishing Services, she is in a unique position to mentor and nurture Indie Authors who need a smart, caring hand to bring them along! Deborah has a history of taking the challenges life throws at her and turning them into golden opportunities – all while maintaining her grace and humor. Join me and listen while Deborah shares some of her suggestions to release that Inner message you have inside!

CelebrationMonday, June 24 – 11AM EST – A Bright and Spiritual Voice

Vanessa Davis Griggs is a nationally recognized author, with over 11 books to her credit. Add to that her unique gift of speaking her heart and taking you into her world, and you can see she is someone who understands the path you choose when you want to bring forth that book inside you! I was blessed to meet Vanessa at the recent Focused Plans Writers Retreat – where she literally took me back to a younger day with her message. I hope you will join us, and discover for yourself how her bright and spiritual voice can give you strength and hope for your own journey.


You can call in during the shows and talk with these wonderful people.  Or, click on the link and listen to the podcast at your convenience!


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