Monday’s News from The AverageWomanSJ

Good Morning All! Hope your weekend was as magical as ours was!

I will not be online for a couple of days. But I hope that you will come, look and read here at The AverageWomanSJ site!

To start off my week, please celebrate with me! published my tribute to my mother-in-law! Please visit their site, and like the article! Then, check out all the other wonderful things they bring you every day!

Hugz and congratulations to my beautiful stepdaughter, Allison, and her fiance Jason! The engagement party at her mom’s house was such a great day! Both ‘moms of’ cooked super food, sister Amanda transformed the yard with her decorations, and everyone was there to share in the joy and love!

This week is YOUR pick at The Average Superwoman Show! Go to the archives and look around! I will post some suggestions of my favorite past shows before the weekend is over… Remember, next week, we will be back with new guests and lots of wonderful suggestions!



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I own and operate HomeBadger Creations, Inc., maker of hand made wraps, shawls, ponchos, scarves and tunics for women of all ages. Custom orders are always welcome!
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