July 19, 2013 News from AverageWomanSJ

OK – it is officially hot outside. Really hot. There is so much condensation on my windows that I can’t see out of half of them. Hot and muggy – just the weather to stay indoors and catch up in Cyberspace!

Today I saw the article talking about the photos of the Boston Bomber’s capture. Here is the link I followed: http://news.yahoo.com/policeman-releases-manhunt-photos-accused-boston-bomber-071132642.html  I hope that this officer is not punished for releasing these photos. On GMA, the reporter said that the wounds are still raw in Boston. You think? They are raw all over the country! The wounds from 9-11 are still raw. I know that tempers are more ‘touchy’ when the heat outside is rising, but this falls under “Things That Make You Go … Sheesh”!

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