Sad Dreams

I wake up sticky with the sweat from the fears of the night. A reminder of dark thoughts that scurry away as soon as my feet hit the floor.

The early sunrise light casts a peculiar soft yellow glow over the yard as I stand sipping my coffee, watching the dogs stick their noses in the damp grass, following the trails of night visitors.

The night poison seeps out of my mind and creeps through my veins.

Anger, suspicion, hurt form a seething stew of impotent rage, threatening to carry me off in the undertow.

I swallow great gulps of sunshine. I inject it into my mind, drowning the poison with the light.

I stare at the scene, making a snapshot in my mind of this moment. I use the vision to hold the poison at bay, crouched in a dark corner. Waiting.morning light


About homebadger

I own and operate HomeBadger Creations, Inc., maker of hand made wraps, shawls, ponchos, scarves and tunics for women of all ages. Custom orders are always welcome!
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