Independence from Pain

Broadcast Date: July 29, 2013

headache1For so many of us, pain is a constant presence. It’s the chains and strongboxes around our necks, like poor Marley in “A Christmas Carol”. Pain is what keeps our spirits chained and Earthbound, preventing us from moving forward in our lives and living them to the fullest.

Pain management has become a multi-billion dollar business. We see articles every day about people who have actually become prisoners to their pain and their addiction to the medicines they take to be free of pain. A dreary, horrid, endless cycle. And the wheel keeps turning…

Sometimes, though, we find a way to set ourselves free from a pain that is beating us down. We even find a way to do this without taking more and more meds, more and more chemicals, more and more restrictions. We actually are able to declare our Independence from Pain! (Sounds pretty awesome, huh?)

HeatherTravitzHeather Travitz is one of those people. Someone who found a way to set herself free from the pain of migraines – a pain that had limited her ability to live her life to the fullest since she was a small child. Imagine the sense of freedom and joy you could experience if you could do the same!

Heather is a leadership and personal development coach, blogger, business owner, wife, mother and stepmother (as well as a full time student). She is a bubbly, bright bundle of energy – and you would never imagine the life of pain she lived unless you knew her story. Listen to the show and hear her share her story with us, and tell us her secrets!!

Heather’s Healthy Tips:


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