Channeling the Powerpuff Girls

poerpuffallI love the Powerpuff Girls. They are bright and fun, with just enough snarky adult humor to keep your eyes from glazing over as you watch with the little ones. When I was watching Sophia one day a week, we would sit on the floor together and watch Powerpuff Girl episodes. I would stand up, put her on my left hip, raise my right fist high in the air and shout “Power”, as I was running around the living room.

powerpuff1My favorite Powerpuff Girl is Buttercup. Buttercup is the one with attitude. I immediately identified with her “take no prisoners” approach to bad guys and playground bullies. Underneath that prickly, badger-ish exterior, little Buttercup is actually a big love bug. She has  a huge soft heart, and I always thought that her outward toughness was just her way of keeping her mushy center safe.

When they put in my port last week, they gave me a whole bunch of paperwork, which I promptly put in my Women In Business tote and deposited on the desk when I got home. This morning, I was organizing my tote and I found that paperwork.

powerpuff2Guess what! I am the proud recipient of a Power Port. Not just any old port, mind you, but a real Power Port. I am sure that I could read the pamphlet, and I would know what that means. I don’t really care. I think of it as a Turbo charged port, and it immediately reminded me of Buttercup!

It is so easy to imagine that Buttercup is ready to take that powerful liquid and drag it with her, clenched fist out in front, down to the tumor where she can use her superpowers to punch, kick and smash that bad old tumor into bits! I like the thought of her big eyes watching over the process, giving it a hand in her own special style!

powerpuff3So tomorrow, when they plug in the bag of joy juice, I am going to be channeling Buttercup, and silently humming the theme song. Just one more way I am #MakingCancerMyBitchIn2015!



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