Why I Need to Embrace this Challenge – Day 1

TUTTLES-8923SQUARECROPWEBI was so excited when I saw the notice on Facebook that the Author Blog Challenge was starting again! The last time I participated, it opened an entire new world for me. I met amazing people who have stayed in my life to this day. I started to find my voice and open the locked rooms in my mind and heart. I discovered so much help and support in this group that my life changed forever.

But then, life happened. Stuff got in the way. Lots and lots of stuff. I know, everybody has stuff. Some of us can’t stick to the path, while others are able to overcome, adapt and improvise. I guess I wasn’t Author Army Ranger material back in the day, or maybe I hadn’t yet faced my own “Heartbreak Ridge“.

This new ABC offers me a chance to unlock my voice again. I want to be able to share what I have learned in the past year as a way to help other people avoid what I’ve had to go through. If I can’t do that, I would like to be able to show them how I kicked cancer’s ass with the help of family, friends, faith and a lot of positive energy. (Plus some really fun visualization.)

There are so many words simmering inside me, it almost feels like I have to find a way to let them out safely or I will end up like that guy in “Aliens” – only mine is more like the one in “Spaceballs“. Anyway, I think you get the picture.

If no one reads my blog, that’s okay. Writing doesn’t have to be about the next best seller, or the next world changing idea. It doesn’t have to be a way to purge your pain, or settle old scores. It can be it’s own reward. Writing because it feels so damn good to be writing, to be open and safe. If I can help other people during this stage of my journey, I consider it the fudge sauce and whipped cream on the hot brownie: Awesome, but not necessary for me to eat the brownie!

So let us all take this opportunity to get to know each other, support each other, and add to each others lives for the next few weeks. Like the Republica song, “Baby I’m Ready to Go“!

Please support another Author Blog Challenge participant by checking out  Blair Schweiger’s blog at: https://blairnecessities.wordpress.com/


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2 Responses to Why I Need to Embrace this Challenge – Day 1

  1. Jo Michaels says:

    Love that you ladies and gentlemen are back at it! Wish I could participate this time around. 🙂 MADLOVE for you. May this be awesome for your mojo 🙂 WRITE ON!

  2. Marcie Brock says:

    Welcome back, Sandi! I can’t wait to read your wonderful posts again.
    Laura (aka Marcie Brock)

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