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Wednesday’s News from The AverageWomanSJ

Ch-ch-ch-Changes… Good morning, all! So, the Verizon installation yesterday went really well! Darryl, the installer, was a really nice person, and I now have connectivity. That being said, I still can’t port my old emails to my new Verizon account, … Continue reading

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Monday’s News from The AverageWomanSJ

Happy Monday! It’s a new week, and there is so much to share! Deborah Wilson Smart is one of those ladies who I see as a Superwoman. She has overcome major obstacles in her life, she has used all the … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s News from The AverageWomanSJ

Wednesday’s News from http://www.averagewomansj.com: Sheesh! It’s already Wednesday! Another day, another 18,000 undone things! The only way they go away is to tackle them one at a time. So, I’m not going to be online a lot today… The sun … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s News from The AverageWomanSJ

Life Happens… and sometimes, it’s important to remember that life is really Chaos with occasional moments of calm, and not the other way around. While trying to clear the decks here to travel for my MIL’s funeral next week, all … Continue reading

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Monday’s News from The AverageWomanSJ

So, it’s June already! June makes me think of the Shore, lazy days, vacations and time to think about life… summertime just seems to give us permission to think those thoughts and take that time! So, this month is Indie … Continue reading

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June Episodes of The Average Superwoman Show

Everybody’s thinking Summer! June is the month for weddings, no more school, vacations, and Father’s Day. The time of year when we all take time to play, and maybe time to think about who we are, where we are going, … Continue reading

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Friday’s News from The Average Superwoman

It’s a beautiful day in South Jersey! Going to get errands done, so I can write and work over the weekend… SO many exciting things coming in the next couple of weeks! What are you doing this weekend? DON’T FORGET: … Continue reading

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