The Tenacious Leaf

cancer1I was diagnosed with Cancer at the beginning of December. I thought I just had an “old lady” problem with peeing when I laughed. Instead, I found myself facing a fight with a very aggressive tumor.

As I stared out my back door, wondering what was going to happen, I noticed one small leaf on my burning bush. This particular bush was here before we bought the house, and every year it just gets bigger and fuller. Birds love to nest in this bush. Cardinals share space with robins. Blue Jays shake their tail feathers at mocking birds. The dogs all love to lie under this bush. Come summer, they take turns relaxing in the shade and guarding their yard.

In early December, all the leaves had fallen from this bush except for one lone survivor. One small, tenacious leaf still clung to its branch. The branch was low enough that we thought one of the dogs would knock it off. But it stayed on the bush.

During the next 3 months, through surgeries and chemo, I sat in my comfy chair and looked out at the bush. No matter what the winter weather brought our way, this one leaf still clung to the branch, determined to hang on.

It is now almost March, and I have finished my chemotherapy. I am waiting to hear if the tumor is gone, and what, if any, surgery will follow. I have been surrounded by the love and support of family and friends. I am still here, still standing, still going strong.

I am that leaf.


About homebadger

I own and operate HomeBadger Creations, Inc., maker of hand made wraps, shawls, ponchos, scarves and tunics for women of all ages. Custom orders are always welcome!
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3 Responses to The Tenacious Leaf

  1. Hurray, grrrl! Sending you virtual hugs and good thoughts today, on a day when it is warm and the sun is shining and I should be out there. May it be shining on you too, dear blogging friend.

  2. leona davis says:

    you’re strength is amazing and an inspiration!! sending peace and warmth for good days ahead…xx o

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